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5 Eden Locations: Ethiopia / Sudan (Cush Race), Sahara Area (Negroid Race), Athena (Kaukasoid Race), Bali / Dewata Island (Mongoloid Race) and Papua / Paradise Island (Melanesoid Race)

Finally, a private research project that has begun since 1994, can only be completed Mid November 2010. The things that become big question mark in my mind for 16 years, can only complecated after two weeks of back and forth over the lake Paniai, Enarotali. Maybe also because my portrait painted a picture of Eden Park in Moiyent Donatus Catholic Church Enarotali??

Garden of Eden story was written in the Book of Genesis chapters 1 and 2. History is written by the prophet Moses when he led the Israelites wilderness for about 40 years. Moses was a lot of knowledge from an angel sent from God during the journey to the Promised Land (Exodus 33:2).

In summary, after God 'created' the heavens and the earth during the 'six days', God planted a garden in Eden, on the east side. In the Garden of Eden God placed man and grow every tree of the whole earth, interesting and good food; and the tree of life in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:8-9). But due to violation of the first man, then God cast out / return man to the place where he formed from the dust of the ground. Then God put some of cherubim (angels of God) with the sword of burning and darting for humans do not pick fruit from the tree of life (Genesis 3:23-24).

Garden of Eden was lost and did not know where its existence because the verses prior to Genesis 3:24, the prophet Moses did not write in full where the place of human creation, human beings who actually name it, where on the east side, and where God put a cherubim with a flaming sword flame and darting. While the verses after God expelled man from Eden, the prophet Moses wrote with clear who the man is, the place where they live and so on. Is this a part of God's plan to hide the garden of Eden?

Many people believe that the name of the man who was formed from the dust of the earth in Genesis 2:7 is Adam and including Agus Miradi, author of THE FIRST MAN WHO IS THAT said the first man was named Adam and he formed with clay around the area of Iraq. However, this statement can not be considered properly and still need to be investigated, because in Genesis 2 and 3, the prophet Moses did not mention the name of Adam as a man who was formed by land, but only write the 'man'. While Adam's name emerged only after the Lord God expelled man from the garden of Eden or after the murder of Abel by his brother Cain (Gen. 4:25).

There are doubts about the first human name, so that need further study. Because the Bible as the inspired book of God, the prophet Moses might not put words arbitrarily. Therefore, understanding 'human' is not necessarily equated with 'Adam' as a human being first.

This statement is supported by many experts, including the Sufis from Persia. They argued that Adam was not the first man and still no Adam-Adam else already created long before that, ie including early humans are believed Agus Miradi as above. Call it the Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi, a great Sufi once said that there are words of the Prophet, among others, say 'God has made no less than one hundred thousand Adam' (Futuhat Makkiya, II, p.. 607). Therefore likely that Adam is the Bible and the Qur'an has been the fathers of Israel, written by the prophet Moses. While the actual name of the first man to be placed in the garden of Eden into line with the mysterious disappearance of the garden of Eden.

Besides lack of clarity in the name of the first man who has the spirit, the Bible also does not explain where the location of the Garden of Eden to the east it (Gen 2:8-9). Whether around the Pison river that flows into the entire area around the river Gihon Havilah or surrounding land Kusy, or the river Tigris which flows east of Assyria and fence or dipinggiran Euphrates river - east or other areas of the world?

Investigations of late have proved that the Garden of Eden was located in Babil, Iraq or Assyrian (Enc. Brit. In "Ur"). But the question is, whether around the Iraqi people have said or at least prove that this is the tree of life which was hidden by God and guarded by the cherubim that smolder and darting to keep the road to the Garden of Eden? Or in Persian history, people have proved that it is 'pairidaeza' (fenced garden) of ancient Persia or 'Hadiqah al-Haqiqa' (Walled Garden of Truth) as is referred to the greatest Sufi poet of Persia, Abu al-Majd Ibn Adam Sana'i Majdud in the work of the most famous mystical? The answer, no. The experts - although never studied it, but no definitive answer that is almost equal to the Garden of Eden story in the book of genesis.

I myself have studied the various sources, learn some history books as a source of reference for + 16 years, but there is no historical fact that convinced me to say that's where the Garden of Eden, as written in the book of genesis. Of all the searches, the last led to one question: why the word 'pairidaeza' from the ancient Persian language which later became the English word 'paradise' that contains the meaning of Heaven and of Paradise, where the Bird of Paradise is one of the names of birds found only in Papua . Was the Garden of Eden was located in Papua?

The question is what makes me careful garden of Eden in Papua since 1994. Initially I thoroughly Mapia term which later I found the meaning: Tree of Truth is questionable. Then I found things similar to what Moses wrote in the book of Genesis / Genesis. There exist a number of similarities that I found that is concerning the position of Eden in the East, the first man to be placed, the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, and putting a burning cherubim and darting. All the reviews that I've now outlined in a book entitled: Mapia - Revealing Case of Losing the Garden of Eden.
Other things which I affirmed in the book that is concerning the process of soil creation and placement of the first human Papua. That, it turns out after I compare it with different races of mankind (Khoisan, Negroid, Caucasian, Mongoloid, Melanesoid and Australoid), then the Prophet Adam was told by the prophet Moses, after the expulsion in the garden of Eden that is derived Caucasian. While that is told Moses before the verses of the expulsion, which involves a further derivative of the youngest known to have racial Australoid stationed in Papua. Paradise Island.

That there are five garden of Eden, the garden of Eden the first in the region Ethiopia, Sudan, and Yemen are known to have a race fall Khoisan (Kush / Kusy / Cush). Garden of Eden both made in the vicinity south of the Sahara desert. Derivatives are known to have Negroid race. Then the Lord God is planning to create a garden that really shaped the Bird of Paradise. God originally created in the Greater Athens area of Greece. But the Lord God saw the Bird of Paradise is shaped promontory extending southward tilt so that God's looking for a place in the Eastern region, as told Prophet Moses in Genesis.

Initially the Lord God created a garden paradise in Bali. Human derivatives came to be known to have Mongoloid race or races of East Asia. But then God saw the island of Gods (has 9 god) does not have wings as beautiful as the Bird of Paradise. So in the end the Lord God of Papua as a garden paradise of choice, which is an island that really like the Bird of Paradise. Descendants of human Guinea (Arabic = naked) is then lowered Australoid race.
Why did God choose to send down revelation Kaukasoid Ras-revelation, why do Athens for instance Kaukasoid, why Bali and not in Mongolian? why Mapia and not Asia? Everything I describe in the book Mapia - Revealing Case of Losing the Garden of Eden.

Photo Source: http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics/humans_out_of_africa.html
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