Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

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Thank you for visiting my site. I have made new website, Please find me. Unintentionally, I've found a number of verses in the Book of Genesis, especially Genesisi 1:26 to 3:22 on the creation of man and the location of a lost Eden. All that research results can be read in a book Mapia (Revealing Case of Loss of Eden). In summary I have fit on the site

Genesis 1:26= Creation of Ancient Man.
Genesis 2:7= Lord Formed 5 races of Man By Clay in Iran and to the Melanesian race moved to New Guinea
Genesis 2:8= 5 Location Garden of Eden Creation
Genesis 2:15= First Human Placement or Transfer to Five Garden of Eden
Genesis 1:19-20= Ekaagokunu, Place Names Giving Animals
Genesis 2:21= Gekomapa, The Formation of Bone Rib Women Men
Genesis 3:1-19= First Man Falling Into Sin in Egaidimi
Genesis 3:20= Lord Giving Names For First Man
Genesis 3:21 = God Clothes Making First (Koteka Moge)
Genesis 3:22 = What is the Tree of Life?
Genesis 3:1-19 = The Gradual Making Fence. Last boundary of the Wallace Line that supirated variety of animals that live in the area of ​​the eastern and western Indonesia.

More read in the Book Mapia (

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